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Why Spray Foam?

Investing in spray foam insulation and/or sealants is not only an easy building decision, but one that will pay for itself in energy savings.
The way we look at insulation is changing – not only from a building and industry perspective, but also as conscientious consumers are becoming better educated and demanding higher performing products. In the competitive building industry, consumers are looking for contractors and builders who will deliver superior quality products. ThermalGuard™ open and closed cell spray foam insulation products from Rhino Linings will allow you to deliver just that.

The chart below shows why spray foam is also the preferred choice for sealing and insulating buildings.

Insulation Comparison Chart

Insulation Comparison Chart
Rhino Linings® spray foam insulation and sealants play a crucial role in ensuring your structure operates efficiently as a system, minimizing leaks and keeping conditioned air inside.

When used with other responsible building practices, Rhino Linings spray foam products help you save up to 50% on heating and cooling costs compared to traditionally insulated structures.

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