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Rhino Linings® Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing Insulation System Repairs Leaking Metal Roof

Metal roofs are susceptible to rust and sun damage. A residential roof in Panama City presented severe leaking issues and the property owner required a cost-effective, long-lasting roof repair and restoration solution.

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Roof leaks caused by rain water overflow could not be contained by the original drain pipe and existing canal.

Due to extreme weather conditions, a solution that could withstand prolonged rainy seasons and insulate the structure during waves of extreme heat was needed. In addition, materials used had to also install quickly and, in case of unexpected rainfall, have the ability to cure under ponded water.

Panama Linings, an authorized Rhino Linings® applicator, recommended a combination of DuraTite® spray polyurethane foam (SPF) and silicone coating for a durable, watertight and energy-efficient system designed to repair and extend the life of the roof while providing long-term protection from constant sun exposure.

The roof was initially cleaned by pressure washing the metal substrate to remove any loose paint, mold, grime, dust and dirt, creating a clean surface for coating.

Next, 4-inch PVC piping was connected to the original drain pipe to reach across the entire canal. Skylights were raised 10 inches from the roof and replaced with polycarbonate. DuraTite CC2.5 SPF was then spray-applied at a 1-inch thickness, covering the entire roofing structure.

DuraTite 1395 silicone coating was finally fluid-applied over the SPF. The reflective properties of the coating plays an essential role in keeping the building’s internal temperatures low. In addition, the white silicone coating helps distribute heat evenly across the surface of the roof by effectively scattering sunlight.

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Rhino Linings products provided a cost-effective repair solution. The DuraTite roofing system extended the life of the existing roof, remedied the drainage issue and provided the insulation and durability the customer required.

According to the property owner, the DuraTite roofing system has exceeded expectations over the three years it has been in service. The roof does not require maintenance and the in-home temperature has dropped 25%, keeping residents cool and comfortable.

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