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LEED Project: Studio City Home

Spray Foam Helps Home Exceed CA Title 24

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Vision Development built a two-story home in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles as part of the Advanced Homes Case Study Program with the Southern California Gas Company.

The program provides incentives for houses that exceed California’s Title 24 by at least 15%. Under the program, recommendations that are implemented qualify for monetary rewards up to a $10,000 cap. In exchange, the gas company uses the projects as educational case studies with written materials and home tours.

Project managers of the Studio City home went the extra mile to select sustainable products and measures that further improve the durability, energy efficiency, air quality and thermal comfort of this home, and Rhino Linings® spray polyurethane foam contributes in each of these areas.

“This home is 64% above compliance levels for California’s Title 24 in large part due to the higher R-value and lower infiltration rate from using the spray foam insulation products,” said Marty Meisler, project manager.

The 2,400 square foot, four-bedroom home is only 20 feet wide, and it is LEED Platinum certified. The house was designed and oriented to maximize passive solar gain, cross ventilation, stack cooling and natural daylighting and features sustainable products that contribute to the overall comfort as well as efficiencies throughout. With all the passive measures, it was critical to the designer to use a quality insulation that properly seals the building envelope as tightly as possible.

The combination of energy-efficient design and product choices also allowed the builders to reduce the size of the HVAC system from 5 tons to 2.5 tons.

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Rhino Linings spray foam insulation products contributed to the following LEED credits for this project:

  • EA 1.2 Expectional Energy Performance – In this case the structure is 65% over Title 24 requirements.
  • MR 2.2 Environmentally Preferable Materials – Products integrate renewable ingredients and closed cell insulation used is GREENGUARD certified.
  • IEQ 10 Garage Pollutant Protection – Rhino Linings spray polyurethane foam insulation was used to minimize pollutants from the garage by sealing connecting floor and ceiling joist bays.

Also, the Rhino Linings spray foam insulation contributed to the project’s overall Title 24 performance score through the Low Infiltration credit, exceeding code for insulation R-value in the wall and roof, helping get HVAC ducts into conditioned space and providing additional insulation for the hot and cold water pipes.