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ThermalGuard™ OC1



ThermalGuard OC1

ThermalGuard OC1 is an open cell, 100% water-blown spray polyurethane foam insulation system with a density of 1 lb and an R-value of 4.7 per inch. When applied, ThermalGuard OC1 expands to over 50 times in size in approximately 8 seconds, filling and sealing building cavities of any shape and size. It achieves twice the yield of 2 lb spray foam while reducing waste and cleanup time by up to 50% compared to that of a ½ lb spray foam insulation.

ThermalGuard OC1 satisfies energy code in most climate zones at less than 4 inches and is designed to use in wall, attic and roof-deck applications where cavity depth is limited.

Quick Stats


Tensile Strength (PSI)


Compressive Strength (PSI)


Water Vapor Permeability (PERM)


Air Leakage (L/S/M2 @ 75 PA @ 3.5″)

Seals & Insulates in One Step

Energy Code Compliant in Most Climate Zones

Applied Using Water Blowing Agent

Great for Insulating Hard-to-Reach Areas

Adheres to Virtually Any Surface

Saves up to 50% on Heating & Cooling Costs

Best of Both Worlds

ThermalGuard OC1 combines the very best qualities of ThermalGuard OC.5 and ThermalGuard CC2. It reduces waste by up to 50% compared to that of ½ lb spray foam while achieving twice the yield of 2 lb spray foam, making it a more cost-effective open cell option for insulation.

  • Open-Cell Content 90% 90%

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