ThermalGuard® Spray Foam

ThermalGuard Spray Foam

Whether retrofitting an existing structure or building it from the ground up, you are faced with hundreds of building and material choices. Investing in spray foam insulation and/or sealants is not only an easy building decision, but one that will pay for itself in energy savings. Rhino Linings Corporation, a household name in protective coatings, manufactures spray foam products designed to seal and insulate residential, commercial and/or agricultural buildings. These products expand upon application and form a sealed thermal envelope that will not sag, settle or deteriorate over time.

DuraTite Roofing Systems vs. Traditional Roofing Methods

  • DuraTite roofing foam holds a UL 790 Class A fire rating
  • High R-value
  • Several DuraTite Roofing System coatings have a high solar reflectance index (SRI)
  • Applies directly to existing substrate in new and retrofit applications
  • Reduces high wind damage
  • Lightweight, seamless and flexible
  • Improves drainage and controls runoff
  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • Covers complex geometrical shapes and protrusions
  • Increased roof service life

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