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GeoTech™ Slab & Concrete Lifting Foam

What is GeoTech™ Slab Lifting?

Slab lifting with polyurethane consists of using a specialized
two-part foam system that is injected directly under the concrete. 3/8” holes are drilled in a special pattern to optimize
lifting with minimal visual impact.

As the materials mix and expand, the foam creates pressure
under the slab to raise and level the existing concrete. This
polyurethane mixture works flawlessly in wet and dry
conditions because of its hydrophobic properties.  Considering
water infiltration is the leading cause of sinking slabs, a foam
mixture that repels water is extremely beneficial to the
life of the lift.

With densities of 2, 2.5 and 4 pounds, Rhino Linings has the slab lifting foam for your needs.

Weather Resistant

Covers Any Complex Shape

Extremely Lightweight & Sturdy

Long Service Life

Adheres to Virtually Any Surface

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