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DuraTite® Coatings

DuraTite 2185

DuraTite 2185 is a fast set, rapid cure, 100% solids, plural component aluminized polyurea spray applied lining for commercial and industrial roofing applications. This system has enhanced UV stability and remains flexible in cold temperatures. DuraTite 2185 exhibits excellent abrasion, corrosion and above/below grade hydrostatic pressure resistance and can be applied in single or multiple pass applications from 10 mils to 50 mils without sag or runs. When applied, DuraTite 2185 demonstrates exceptional adhesion to spray polyurethane foam, concrete, bitumen and asphaltic roofing felts, steel, wood and most substrates in extreme cold and warm climates.

DuraTite 2185 Quick Stats


Tensile Strength (PSI)




Tear Resistance lb/in


Shore Hardness



Silver Reflective (Aromatic), Black, Dark Gray

Standard Colors

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